Bullying Counselors

You were asked to consult with the school in Shredderman about how to solve these problems.  Post what you suggest below.


Post Six: Problem Solving

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To be done when you are totally finished with the book and all of the other posts:

Please come up with some ideas that would be good for Nolan as he deals with Bubba.  Think outside of the box for this one.  You should have two to three ideas for Nolan to try out.

Post Five: Now What Do You Think?

To be done after you finish reading the book

On page 132, Nolan witnesses Mr. Bixby being mean to his wife and son.  Discuss the saying:  children learn what they live.  How does this saying relate to Bubba and his cruel, bullying behavior?

Post Four: Changes

To be read after you have read chapters 9 – 14

How has Nolan changed throughout this book?  Give specific examples from the text on how Nolan has changed and how he stands up for himself as a result of becoming Shredderman.

Post Three: A Good Idea?

To be completed after you have read chapters 6, 7, and 8

Early on in the book, Nolan comes up with a plan on secretly videotaping Bubba in action.  He then creates a web site and lots of links to “give Bubba Bixby a little trouble.”  Knowing what you do about Digital Citizenship, do you think Nolan should be posting all of the links like “Bubba Caught in the Act” and “Bubba’s Big Butt”?  What is the difference between standing up for yourself and exacting revenge?  Do you think Nolan is correct by doing this to Bubba?

Post Two: The Sidekicks

To be done after you have finished reading chapters 4 and 5                                                                                         On page 33, Nolan asks himself, “How come a bully like Bubba had friends and I didn’t?”  Why do you think Bubba has friends and Nolan doesn’t?   Why do you think Kevin and Max hang out with Bubba when he is so mean?

Bubba Bixby: A Bully with a Capital B– Post One

This should be completed after you have read Chapters One, Two, and Three

Bubba Bixby from Google Images

Bubba Bixby is a Bully with a Capital B.  He lives to make kids’ lives miserable, especially Nolan.  Do you think that bullies are born mean or do they become mean over time?   And more important, can they ever change and how do you think that this will happen?