Design a Day for Fudge in Central Park

As we found out by readingTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, Fudge can be a real handful!  For this assignment, pretend you are Fudge’s older sibling and your parents have asked for you to take Fudge to Central Park for a day of fun.  Read the two links below about Central Park and then select fivespots that you think Fudge would enjoy.  You must then write tw0  sentences about that site and then another sentence on why Fudge would like that particular spot.

You will also be able to find these links on our webpage’s Curriculum Links section :  19 Fun Things to Do in Central Park Beyond the Zoo:  Visit Central Park with Kids. Kids Attractions in Central Park

Make sure before you post, you check your work for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

Here’s an example of how this should look:

1. The Marionette Theater at the Swedish Cottage:  The Swedish Cottage was built in Sweden in 1875, moved to the United States in 1876 for our Centennial celebration, and then moved to New York City in 1876.  It became a marionette theater in 1947 and today, children can see many classic children’s stories done as marionette shows from June to October.  I think Fudge would like it because it would keep his attention since he likes make-believe activities.


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  1. Posted by EC-8 on September 20, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Site #1: Umpire Rock — Umpire Rock is a big rock that is not a climbing wall. Many kids love to play on and around it. I would take Fudge to Umpire Rock because Fudge would like to play with his friends and have fun climbing up the Rock.

    Site #2: Loeb Boathouse — The Loeb Boathouse is a place where you can take tours and go exploring on a rented boat or the manned gondola. You can also go to their restaurant. I would take Fudge there because he would like to see all the fish.

    Site #3: Great Hill — The Great Hill is the third highest point in the park, where you can have a picnic. It also has the Peter J. Sharp children’s glade, which is a natural area in the park made just for kids. I would Fudge there so he could run around and be crazy with his friends.

    Site #4: Belvedere Castle — Belvedere Castle is a large castle with a great view over the park. It is on a rocky hill. I would Fudge there so he could see around a castle and make believe about fighting dragons.

    Site #5: Marionette Theater — The Marionette Theater was a gift to the US in 2006. It is now a puppet theater for families. I would take Fudge there so he could see the big bad wolf on stage.


  2. Posted by ec15 on September 20, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    1. Rock Climbing in Central Park: Kids Rock
    It is named Kids Rock because no other rock is as popular with kids. Kids Rock is located between the Childrens zoo and Balto. I think Fudge would like it because he would enjoy rock climbing and he has a lot of energy.

    2. Adventure Playground:
    Adventure playground has a stone sand fortress. It has a tree house and slides.
    I think Fudge would like it because he would enjoy climbing the fortress and going down the slides.

    3. Tisch Children’s Zoo:
    At the zoo, there are animals that you can pet and feed. There is a large
    net high in the trees over a natural bird habitat. I think Fudge would like it because he would enjoy watching the birds fly around.

    4. Carriage Rides: It is a good place for sightseeing. It is a peaceful place in Central park. I think fudge would like the carriage ride because he would probably like the horses.

    5. Catch and Release Fishing: Meer
    Meer is stocked with many different types of fish like large mouth bass and catfish. It is a good place for kids and adults who like to dangle their fishing rods. I think Fudge would like it because he would enjoy trying to catch a sunfish.


  3. Posted by ec21 on September 21, 2010 at 12:31 am

    1. Wollman Rink. It has been there since 1950. They play music and it’s 33,000 square feet. I think Fudge would like it because it’s a big place and noisy, so Fudge would like the music.

    2. Belvedere Castle. They take weather temperatures from the top of the tower. You can see skeletons of bats, stuffed birds and see a turtle pond. I think Fudge would like it because he likes to fly like a bird and eat turtles.

    3. Musical Clock. It has a two metal monkeys, a hippo, goat, bear, and elephant. It plays Three Blind Mice every 30 minutes. I think Fudge would like it because its noisy.

    4. Umpire Rock. It is 45 million years old. It is made out of ancient bedrock. I think Fudge would like it because he likes to climb.

    5. Central Park Zoo. There is an enchanted forest in the middle with a giant spider. Tisch petting zoo had a farm with cow, pot-bellied pig and goats with sculptures next to each that makes the same noises as the real animal. I think Fudge would like it because he could feed and pet animals.


  4. Posted by E-4 5 on September 21, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    I think Fudge would Like the Tropic Zone because there is the Red Lory bird. I think Fudge would like it because he likes birds. I think Fudge would also like it because of the Scarlet Ibis. I think I would like it too.


  5. Posted by EC18 on September 21, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    #1: Safari Playground
    There is a water spray to run through. There is also a picnic area where Peter and Fudge could eat lunch or a snack. I think Fudge would like this because there would be a structure to climb on (though I don’t think he would fly off of it!), and there are 13 hippos that are surrounding a canoe, which I think is pretty cool.

    #2: The Marionette Theater
    In 1875 it was a school house. They have shows like The Magic Flute, Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I think that Fudge would like this because it would be awesome books onstage.

    #3: The Tisch Children’s Zoo
    You can feed and pet animals. They have giant turtle shells and rabbits without faces that you can put your own body in. I think Fudge would have a lot of fun because he could look at animals up close and pet them and everything.

    #4: Lasker Pool
    In 1966 it was opened to the public. You don’t have to pay to swim in there. I think Fudge would like this because he would be able to swim and it would keep him occupied for at least a little while!

    #5: Balto
    Balto was a dog who went and got medicine when kids were really sick. In honor of that, there is a statue of him. I think Fudge would like that because he might like to sit on Balto’s back while Peter took pictures of him for his parents.


  6. 1. Dlacorte Musical Clock:-The clock chimes is the song “3 blind mice” all year around. The clock is located near the zoo entrance. I think Fudge would like this spot because it makes lots of music.

    2. Central Park Carousel:-. The carousel was installed in 1951. There are 58 hand carved horses in the carousel. Fudge would like this place because of the riding the horses.

    3. Venetian Gondola Ride;-.Enjoy a nice gonadal ride down The Lake. Gondola rides are only in the summer. I think Fudge would like this because it gives him a chance to jump out of a moving boat.

    4. Turtle Pond: – .The turtle pond was originally named Bleveda Lake. If you are quiet you might find a turtle. I think Fudge would like this because you might find a turtle similar to Dribble.

    5. Lasker Rink:-.From November to April you can go ice skating at Lasker rink. In summer Lasker rink turns to Lasker swimming pool. I think Fudge would like Lasker pool because he could swim and play.


  7. Posted by ec14 on September 21, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    1. I think Fudge would like fishing, because Fudge likes animals but he might jump in after them. You can borrow bamboo fishing rods with a picture ID at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Some of the things you can catch at the Meer are large mouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill sunfish.

    2. Fudge might like climbing Cat Rock because he likes outdoor activities. There are stairs carved into the rock so if you don’t want to climb you can use the stairs. There is an awesome view.

    3.Fudge might like soccer on the Great Lawn because he likes running around. The field is split so that one half is where the boys play and the other half is where the girls play. The parents can watch from the sidelines.

    4.He might like the Diana Ross playground because it has a corkscrew slide. It also has a water spray that could cool him off. The playground is at the bottom of Summit Rock.

    5. I think Fudge would like swimming in the Lasker Pool because he would probably pretend to be a fish. In the winter the Lasker Pool transforms into the Lasker Rink and features ice-skating and high-school hockey. The Lasker Pool also overlooks the Harlem Meer.


  8. Posted by riveredge on September 22, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    EC9: The Heckscher Playground would be a fun place for Fudge to visit. Heckscher Playground is on the bottom of Empire Rock so you can climb on it. The playground is also very big and it is the biggest playground in Central Park. I think fudge would like it because its very big and you can climb on the rock. I think Fudge would like the Children’s Zoo. In the Children’s Zoo you can feed and pet animals. There is also a forest with giant insects and a giant net above the trees with bird habitats. I think Fudge would like the Zoo because he can feed and pet animals and he can go to the forest and see the birds.

    I think Fudge would like the Carousel. The Carousel was made in 1871 and it was operated by a blind mule and a horse. In 1924 the Carousel was burned down and in 1951 the park decided to get a new one. They found a carousel on Cony Island that was not being used and in 1951 they renovated it. I think Fudge would like the carousel because it goes fast and goes up and down.


  9. 1.Kids Rock:
    It was named Kids Rock because no other rock in Central Park is as popular with
    kids as this one. Ideally situated between the Tisch Children’s Zoo and
    Balto. I would take Fudge to Kids Rock because he loves climbing.

    2.Wild Life Conservation Center:
    The first Central Park Zoo opened its doors in 1863 giving it the oldest city Zoo in the country. Renamed The Wild Life Center the Zoo is more a refuge for animals than a prison. I think Fudge would like it because he can see turtles like the one he ate!

    3.Sheep Meadow Cafe:
    It is a popular refreshment center located north of Sheep Meadow and just a few feet away from Lilac walk in Central Park. Built in the 1960s to replace the original Moor inspired brick pavilion this new addition serves snacks to many people that visit Central Park on a daily basis. I bet Fudge would like to go there because he likes ribs.

    4.Bike Rental:
    Located at the northeast perimeter of the Lake is the Bike Rental where bicycles can be rented for a tour of the Park. Both single and tandem bikes are available.
    I would take Fudge there and rent a tandem bike. I would pedal and he would sit at the back because he is used to riding a toddle bike and not normal big bikes.

    5.Harlem Meer:
    Residing in a unique setting to the east of the North Woods and very much in harmony with that woodland landscape is the Capital Harlem Meer (the word meer in Dutch means “small sea”).There within a mound of golden grasses rising from the water’s surface is Duck Island, a natural habitat located just off the shore of the Meer. It’s a temporary home to transient species. I think Fudge would like to see the Canadian Geese there because he likes chasing birds.


  10. 1. I think the Delacorte Musical Clock in the Central Park Zoo would be a great place for Fudge. It was dedicated to the park in 1965. It sits on top of a three tiered tower and features a band of whimsical animals. I think Fudge would like it because he likes loud noises.

    2. I think he would also like the Umpire Rock lying between Heckscher Playground and Heckscher Ballfields. It’s composed almost entirely of Manhattan schist, an extremely durable, mica-flecked stone hat comprises 90 percent of the bedrock under Manhattan. I think Fudge would like it because he likes to be active. But be careful because if they’re are any loose rocks he may have the temptation to throw them at people.

    3. Central Park Zoo I think would be an awesome place for Fudge. It was built in 1984. It showcases animals from tropical, temperate, and polar zones around the world. I think Fudge would love it because he likes animals, make sure he doesn’t go near the turtles because he might try to eat them.

    4. Another great place for Fudge I think would be the Ballfields Cafe` built in 1990 directly bordering Heckscher Ballfields. Aptly named for it’s locale, this cafe`is frequented by hungry spectators from the ballfields as well as pedestrians who stop by for a quick meal. I think Fudge would enjoy it because he loves food, but there is one problem–if he doesn’t eat it, he’ll wear it.

    5. And finally another great place for Fudge would be Heckscher Playground. It is the oldest playground in Central Park, and the largest at 1.8 acres. Heckscher Playground includes a great variety of play features and spaces. I think Fudge would like all of the swings, slides and free space. Watch him carefully because if you don’t he might try to fly by jumping off a structure.


  11. 1. The first thing fudge would like to do is go to the Central Park Zoo. The Central Park Zoo has
    A great new addition ……The Children’s Zoo!!!!! This is very well kept and is a place Fudge would love to go because he is little.
    2. The next thing I would take him to is Umpire Rock. Umpire Rock is one of the oldest pieces of nature in the whole park. It is also good for watching sports games because you will get a high view. I think it would be a good place to take him because he likes to be up high. Also because he knows he can’t fly so he won’t jump off.
    3. After Umpire Rock I would have him go to Harlem Meer to catch fish. Harlem Meer is an old boat house in Central Park. You can also go swimming and skating. I think Fudge would like to go there because he seems like the kind of boy that would not get grossed out by slimy fish. I also think he would like to go swimming.
    4. If I were Peter Hatcher the next place I would take him is the Marionette Theater to see the puppet show. The people at the theater have been working there since 1947. It is in an old school house. Fudge would like it there because he is a little kid and most kids like puppet shows.
    5. Last but not least I would take Fudge to borrow a field day kit at the North Meadow Recreation Center. The outside of the building has been preserved to protect its landmark status. IT has 12 fields for baseball, softball and soccer. Fudge would like it because it is partly historical. Fudge would like the fun and active part of it because he likes to have fun.


  12. 1) Three Bears Playground.
    I think Fudge would like this playground because it is a toddler-friendly playground and he likes stories. It is located on the south-side of the Museum of Art, and it also has a sandbox, slide, monkey bars, swings and a water feature.

    2) HC Anderson Storytellers
    I think Fudge would like it because he likes fiction and stories. These storytellers have told stories for more than 50 years. They tell fairy tales or folk stories from June through September, in any kind of weather.

    3) Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater
    I think Fudge would like this theater because he likes stories and being with other kids. The theater was originally made as a model pre-fabricated school,but the cottage was transported to Philadelphia to be shown as Sweden’s entry in the 1876 Centennial Exposition. The puppeteers have been performing for 63 years at this site.

    4) Lasker Rink and Pool.
    I think Fudge would like to swim in this pool, and maybe he’d see some of his friends, which I know he would like! Lasker Rink and Pool was built in the 1960s. The swimming pool is the most popular pool in the city!

    5) Victorian Gardens.
    Fudge might like the balloon sculptors and the mini-roller coaster and the face painters because he likes animals, having fun and dressing up. The Gardens have been popular since it opened seven years ago. Fudge might like the foods they sell there, such as cotton candy, caramel corn, and ice cream.


  13. Posted by eC11 on September 23, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    1. I would take Fudge to the tropic part of the Central Park Zoo.It has animals
    from all over the world! There are monkeys, birds, bats, alligators, and manny other animals. I think Fudge would like it because it’s so loud in there that
    fudge could be as loud as he wanted.


  14. Posted by eC11 on September 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    2.I would also take him to the adventure playground. It is a great place for kids like Fudge. It has a really cool and fun stone fortress. I think Fudge would like it because
    he likes adventures and running around.


  15. Posted by EC20 on September 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    1.Delacorte Musical Clock,
    The Delacorte Musical Clock was dedicated in 1965 to George T. Delacorte for his money contributions. The Delacorte Musical Clock has eight animals playing instruments which play songs like Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells in December, April Showers and Easter Parade in the spring, and other songs like Three Blind Mice year-round. I think Fudge would like it because he likes music and would enjoy watching the animals going round and round.

    2.Great Hill
    The Great Hill is a big hill with a meadow on top with a lot of American elm trees. The Great Hill has a lot of concerts and outdoor activities such as Frisbee games, picnics, and a big oval track. I think Fudge would like The Great Hill because he could have a picnic, chase birds and butterflies, and just run around.

    3.Victorian Gardens
    Victorian Gardens was a secret until 2003 when it was open to the public. The idea was based on Wollman Rink. There are twelve rides at Victorian Gardens as well as other interesting things like face painting, caramel apples, cotton candy, contests, and a lot more. Fudge would like it there because he could go on the rides, get candy, and dance.

    4. Lasker Rink and pool
    In the winter of 1960, the Lasker Rink and pool was built. There are two big skating rinks; one for the high school hockey team and the other one is for all ages. In the summer, the huge swimming pool is open. Money for this 33,000-square-foot rink was donated from Kate Wollman. Fudge would like the rink because he could glide around on the ice, watch the Zamboni clean the ice, and because my parents said that when I went there at his age and loved it, I think he would love it too.

    5. Hans Christian Andersen statue
    The Hans Christian Andersen statue is a statue of Hans Christian Andersen reading The Ugly Duckling to a duck, and surprisingly it is meant to be climbed on! The statue was created by Georg Lober and was delivered to the park in 1956. This statue would be interesting to Fudge because he could listen to this classic story and when he was tired he could climb in to Han’s lap.


  16. Posted by E-4 5 on September 23, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    1.I think Fudge would like the Tisch Children’s Zoo Because Fudge likes animals. And also I think fudge Would like it because you can touch the animals.
    2.I think Fudge Would like the Model Boat Sailing place because people Are actually remote controlling the boat
    3.I think fudge wold like the Friedsam Memorial Carousel because Fudge maybe likes the Carousel.
    4.Fudge would like the Wein Walk because it is like a carnival.


  17. Posted by eC11 on September 23, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    3. I think he would like East Meadow. East Meadow is a big wide open park. It has lots of trees and hills.I think Fudge would like it because he be as loud and crazy ass he wants without being destructive.

    4. Going to the Water Conservator could be fun too.It is basically a big pond. You can sail toy boats. I think Fudge would like it because he could watch the toy boats

    5.I think Fudge would also like going to the Polar Circle at the zoo. The Polar Circle has lots of polar bears. The polar bears climb on rocks and swim in the icy cold water. I think Fudge would like them because the bears are big, white, and furry!


  18. I would have Fudge end up at the historic building called The Arsenal at Central Park. Fudge would find my Uncle Keith there who could tell him some great stories about Central Park. Uncle Keith is the Assistant Commissioner of Operations for New York City’s Parks and Recreation. He has to take care of the parks. He has to make sure they are clean and the people who work there are friendly. I think Fudge would like Uncle Keith because he is a nice person and he would make Fudge laugh. Uncle Keith gets to go on a balcony which is very cool since you can see Central Park from a high view.


  19. 1. Belvedere Castle. The castle has bat skeletons and stuffed birds. It is on a rocky hill and has great views of the park. Fudge would get peter lost in one of the secret rooms.

    2. Victorian Gardens. It has rides that are wild. Its near the city. Fudge would ride the roller coaster and put his hands in the air.

    3. Loeb Boathouse. It would be fun for fudge to row by himself in a boat. It is in between 74th and 75th street. Fudge could splash his brother with the paddle.

    4. Great Hill. Fudge would like it because he could have a picnic there. Also he could take a nap in the grass. He could run around and chase peter.

    5. Central Park Zoo. He could go in the tropical birds part of it and look at the cool birds there. The Zoo is right next to the city. He could run around and chase the pigeons there.


  20. Lasker Pool would be a great place for Fudge. Lasker Pool has free admisson. In the summer you can go swimming at the pool and in the winter the pool becomes an ice rink for skating. Lasker Pool has locker rooms also but you must bring your own lock. Fudge I think would like Lasker Pool and rink because he could swim and learn to ice skate.


  21. Posted by EC10 on September 24, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    1. The Turtle Pond: The Turtle Pond is filled with New York drinking water. You can see turtles there like the Red-Eared Slider, you can see them pretty well because there ears are bright red. I would take Fudge there because he likes turtles.

    2. The Umpire Rock because Fudge can play on it and it is the biggest rock in Central Park.
    It’s been there for hundreds of millions of years.

    3. The Victorian Gardens because there are amusement rides there and I think Fudge would enjoy that. In 2003 it finally opened after been kept secret for years! It was created by Wollman Rink.

    4. The Central Park Zoo and the Tisch Zoo because there are a lot of animals there and Fudge likes animals. In the center of the Tisch Zoo is the enchanted forest that has lots of animals like frogs turtles and birds. Between the main Zoo and the children’s zoo is the George Delacorte Musical Clock.

    5. The Great Hill Fudge can run around and play there. The Great Hill is the highest point in Central Park. Almost every day in the summer there will be people picnicking there.


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