My Life as a Water Drop

This week, your job is to become a water drop and travel throughout the Water Cycle.

Your first job is to go on the following three websites and explore.

1.  USGS Water Drop Through the Water Cycle

2.  EPA Interactive Water Cycle

3.  Scholastic Water Cycle:  watch the video and do the vocabulary section

Take a look at this diagram: (you can click on it to make it larger).

For Thursday, you need to write a creative story about your life as a water drop.  You need to include the following terms in your story:  evaporation, condensation, precipitation, groundwater storage, transpiration.  Make sure you accurately describe what each of these terms are.  Be creative and have fun!  On Thursday in school, you will have an opportunity to create either a picture book or some other type of product about your “life as a water drop.”


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  1. 1.) Precipitation is snow, sleet, hail, and rain. so basically anything that falls from the sky.

    2.)Condensation is water that comes from the sky and the water comes onto something, such as, a mirror, or a window. That is what condensation is.

    3.) Evaporation, is water from a window, or mirror, that rises into the air. That is called evaporation.


    • Posted by ec 17 on February 16, 2011 at 11:58 pm

      That’s not exactly a story and you forgot to talk about ground water storage and transpiration. But you did give great descriptions of precipitation, condensation and evaporation!


  2. My life as a water drop…
    It all started when I was just sitting in the clouds all nice and comfortable until I fell out. There must have been a hole in the clouds or something because I was not the only one that fell – every single water drop like me was coming down too. It all happened sort of fast because one second I was in the clouds and then the next I was lying on the ground with a bunch of drops that I do not know (they must have come from different clouds). I was so scared until someone came up to me and told me to stay calm. He said that it has happened to him before and then started telling me all of these fancy new words to describe what happened. Some of the words that he said were things like evaporation and how you can turn into condensation and something about precipitation. Most of these were words that I have never heard before so I just took his advice that I could just wait here and something would bring me back up to the clouds and my family. FYI I do not know where they are right now but I hope that sometime soon I will be able to see them again. 
    50 years later…
    Okay now I am getting a little worried. I have been part of this puddle for a very long time and now everyone around me is turning into invisible mist and starting to float up into the air. Soon enough I am back into another cloud without my family but that is okay because I have made new friends over the years and now I am resting up here with all of them. It’s like a big party!! As I find my new spot on a new cloud that same water drop that told me all of those fancy new words comes over to me. But instead of saying new fancy words, this is what he told me: “you have just gone through the water cycle.”


  3. Hi, my name is Drizzle the water drop. Here is the story of my trip through the hydrological (Water) cycle.
    One day, my friends and I were relaxing on the surface of a lake enjoying the sun when all of the sudden I started feeling warmer than usual. I kept getting hotter until I got so hot I spread myself out into a gas form and rose higher and higher in the air my friends gliding along right beside me. As one other drop once told me, this is called evaporation and we are now water vapor.

    When we got so high that I felt as if I could touch the stars, I started feeling cold again as if I was in my pond except I was still high up in the air. I was reforming back to my original form as a droplet (this very knowledgable drop told me that the term for this was condensation).

    Then I waited, there were other reforming drops and in no time it was so cramped in there you could barely move. After days and nights of waiting that cloud did us all a favor it burst! We fell plummeting down to earth, greeting each other as an old friend ( I was to relieved to remember this is normal and my friend called it precipitation). I see my friends just ahead of me. I can almost reach them then WHOOSH I was swept away by the wind away from them. I knew that there would be no more days of playing together but I decided that it was just part of nature.

    As I was drifting through the air I was wondering where I would land. I wanted to land on a plant and experience transpiration where we evaporate through the plant. Then I thought I would like to explore the groundwater storage which is a bunch of twisting and turning little streams that intersect and eventually arrive out of the ground. Well, truly I didn’t really care where I landed I just wanted to land.

    I soon touched the surface of a fast flowing river, ahhh it felt good to be with other drops again(un-squished this time). But I knew it will not be for long.
    So my friends, here I am at the end of my story but I know it does not end here it keeps going on and on and on an endless cycle of water.


  4. Posted by ec10 on February 15, 2011 at 3:31 am

    It all started when I was a little water drop in the ocean, I was sitting on the surface when all of a sudden I started to rise, all my friend’s rose too. After a few minuets I ended up sitting in a cloud full of other water drops. After a few hundred miles or so of sitting in a cloud, I started falling, all the other drops fell too.
    As I fell I was zooming full speed at someone’s head I tried to change course but I was so fast I couldn’t
    move. So I just fell on his head and landed on the pavement. I was in New York because a store said, “Get your New York style cheesecake today”. I started flowing down a path and flopped into a storm drain.
    I waited a few hours and oozed into a river. In the river the current was very fast. With me a school of fish were traveling in the current. After a few days in the river I came to a harbor leading to the Ocean. It was probably the Atlantic Ocean because there were pictures of moose’s everywhere so it was probably Bar Harbor, Maine. It took a year but in the end I was back where it all started. For the next day or two, I traveled under the surface so that I don’t go back up again.


  5. Posted by EC12 on February 15, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Hi, I am a water droplet. Today was my 1,000 birthday. Quite a big day, right? Well, you might be wondering if I am immortal or something. Or something. Well, I’ve just been through what is called the Water Cycle for the 900 time or something. Well, here’s how it happened.
    So, I was born in the year 0001, or something. No, more like a couple thousand years later. So, I was born in a cloud. I got bored pretty quickly. Then, something pretty scary happened. I was just sitting there thinking about what it must be like to be something different from a water droplet when everything let go. Have you ever gone down a hill suddenly in a car, and you get that feeling like your stomach flew out of your body? Well, if you did or if you didn’t, that is what I felt. The water droplets with me all flew down like I did. As I flew down to the ground, I saw things I hadn’t ever seen before. A couple of times I got hit in the stomach (or can you say that I even have a stomach) by something pointy and colorful that these things (probably people, some water droplets have seen them before) held. Then, I was on the ground. (Later I found out that this was precipitation.)
    I was in a puddle, and it was very cozy. For the next couple of years (or was it days?) I sat and the water droplets became my friends. Finally, the sun came out and warmed us up. It was so warm, I just wanted to get closer to the sun. I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d up to the sun, and I turned into something I later found out was “water vapor”. Interesting. So, I went up into the sky, and then it got pretty cold. I was really thinking that I should of stayed in that puddle on Earth. Then, I got turned BACK into a water droplet. (That was evaporation and condensation.)
    I never realized it at the time, but when I was waiting and waiting again to get rained or snowed or hailed down, I remembered that I saw relatives, water droplets I hadn’t seen in ages, coming off leaves and plants and stuff. I suppose water droplets on plants evaporate, too. (Water droplets evaporating off of leaves and plants is called transpiration.)
    Another thing I saw but didn’t realize it at the time was that I never saw some of my relatives again. I don’t know where they might of gone. Well, I do have an idea. Some of the water droplets that are older than I have heard of a monstrous being called Lord Groundwater Storage. The older water droplets say that he captures water droplets and gives them to the things carrying the colorful pointy things that I got hurt on. He must be awful!
    Well, I hope you learned a lot! Oh, I have a feeling that we are going to start the Water Cycle all over again. See you! (Actually we might meet, but you won’t recognize me. Bye!)


  6. Posted by ec 16 on February 16, 2011 at 12:04 am

    My name is Droplet and I am a water drop. This is one of my stories of my journey through the Hydrological
    cycle. Hydro= Water in Greek.

    One hot summer day me and my friends were having a nice fun day under the sun inside a glass of water. Suddenly, I was
    feeling so hot that I thought I would burn. I kept on feeling very hot until I turned into gas. I rose higher and higher into
    the air. As we were gliding gleefully in the air my younger sister screamed ” W- What is happening.” for it was her
    first experience. ” We have formed into water vapor and we are evaporating.” I said.

    We floated so high into the air that I thought we would land on Mars. Then suddenly I felt a chill down my spine.
    (though I don’t have one) We all were cooling down and were changing to our original form- a drop of water. “What is happening n- now.?” said my sister. “We all are in the condensation station.” , I replied.” Alright Mr. Know it all.” She said.

    Then I waited for a few moments and in a blink were all squished and cramped together. My sister said she might just
    shatter into bits. “Not again. This big, fat guy is on top of me.” she squealed. ” This is what happens.” I said.
    After a few days that cloud did manage to burst! ” Woo-hoo, everyone screamed. ” Oops.” said my sister. ” Nothing to
    worry about, little thing.” cried Mom from below .”This is known as precipitation”.

    As I was gliding in I was literally praying that the wind won’t blow otherwise we will all be separated. I was also thinking about where I would land. I really wanted to land on the ground so that I am part of a plant’s diet and could experience transpiration which is when you evaporate from a leaf or explore the mysterious, scary and dark hollows of the groundwater storage which are some
    twisting little streams underground and after their meandering trip underground they spring out of the ground. I wished my sister would not ask me any more questions if we land in these places because I will not know the answer. I just wanted to land because sometimes it is so hot that the rain will not reach the ground but instead it will evaporate while it’s in the air.

    We soon all felt other droplets touching us and we found ourselves relaxing on the nice, warm surface of a lake. I needed a nap after the long trip. So I drifted off in my dreams….


  7. Posted by EC20 on February 16, 2011 at 12:23 am

    Hello, my name is Stormy and I have a story to tell you.

    Okay, so one nice and rainy afternoon I was in the pond with my friends Drizzle and Water-Droplet when the golden sun came out to say hi to me. I started to feel EXTREMELY hot. I just kept getting warmer. Then all of a sudden I start to rise. This is called evaporation.
    . This stage of the water cycle is called condensation
    So I just got up to cumlo- nimbus ( type of cloud) and I had a little rest for like 30 seconds this stage of the water cycle is called condensation. When you get sucked up into a cloud. Then…

    I went zooming down to earth, but this time I went to a nice whirlpool know as groundwater storage. It was amazing I tell you. You go through this tunnel and it takes you right back to the pond with you BFFs. This s precipitation.

    Finally I get home and relax wondering what interesting thing was going to happen in my life as a water drop.

    Oh no I am getting sucked into the sky again. Evaporation. 😦
    That is a cycle called the water cycle.

    A song I like to sing about the water cycle that my mom told me about goes like:
    Rain and snow come down
    and they hit the ground,
    soak into the earth
    or they hang around
    in puddles or lakes or even ponds and oceans

    They evaporate up into the clouds
    where they condensate.
    Boy it’s cold up there
    but they’re unaware
    as they grab some dust
    and return to us.
    They precipitate on land and lakes.
    It’s the Water Cycle… Ain’t it great?

    Sign Out,

    Here is a picture I found on how the Water Cycle works:


  8. Posted by EC21 on February 16, 2011 at 12:47 am

    I am a Small raindrop called ocean
    So today I was talking to my best friend lake and pond when suddenly lake and pond started to float up. They started to scream like crazy. I laughed and told them it was evaporation. I began to rise to. After a while we were all stuck to dust particles and stuff “what are we sticking to?” asked lake and pond I answered “we are sticking to dust particles and forming a cloud it is called condensation.” One hour past more and more raindrops came. Another hour went by we all started to fall, lake and pond started to scream like crazy again I told them we were falling as raindrops also known as precipitation. we slammed to the ground. Lake and Pond came over and asked “Why were we Evaporating and condensation and precipitation?” I answered “We are all part of the water cycle”. the sun came out and we all started to evaporate.


  9. Posted by EC-4 on February 16, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Hello, my name is Drippy, a water droplet. One day I was relaxing in a cloud after going through condensation, which is when I turn from water vapor into liquid. I had just gotten to the cloud, when it started precipitating hail (precipitating is when clouds start to rain, snow, sleet or hail). I was falling and I heard a kid say, “Mom, it’s hail!” I thought “uh oh, I’m going to become frozen in a chunk of ice with tons of other droplets.” I started falling out of the cloud and toward the ground twice as fast as when I fall as rain. I saw a kid beneath me, who was screaming and running around, trying to get home. I landed on the kid’s head – SPLAT! The kid ran twice as fast towards his home. I was melting in the kid’s hair and soon was back to a water droplet again. The kid finally got home and he had a glass of water. I trickled down the kid’s face and landed in the water. The kid didn’t finish his water and dumped it, and me, into a tomato plant on a windowsill.
    The next day was warmer. So the kid’s parents decided to plant the tomato plant in their garden. I went down into the groundwater underneath the garden and I got caught by another plant’s roots. The day must have been pretty hot, because I went up the plant stem and transpired through its leaves (transpiration is when plants give off water into the air). I started going back up into the air as vapor (evaporation), but the temperature in the air was cooler, so I condensated and precipitated back to the ground as rain. I sunk into the ground and went down to the groundwater storage (groundwater storage is when water goes down under the ground and goes into wells or aquifers). Next thing I knew, I was pumped up out of a well into a water sprinkler in the kid’s back yard. When the sun came out, I started evaporating (evaporation is when water turns from a liquid to vapor) and went up into a cloud again and started the water cycle all over again.


  10. Hey, my name is PopDrop. I’m here to tell you about my wonderful adventure through the WATER CYCLE. So, let’s get started. I was hanging around in the ocean one day and I was playing with my other water drop friends. We were down deep in the ocean and we were swimming back up to the surface. Finally, we got to the top. It was a bright sunny day and I could see the whole ocean. Then, all of a sudden I started floating. I didn’t even notice it until I realized I could see ABOVE the land which was really cool. And then I noticed a lot of other water drops were floating too. Even all of my pals were floating too! One of my friends told me that this was called EVAPORATION. So we kept on floating and floating for which felt like years. And it kept getting colder as we got higher in the air. Then I felt like I was turning solid. I had heard about this before and it was called CONDENSATION. Then we started floating sideways. We waited there for a long, long, LONG time and it kept getting more and more crowded. Then finally, when I was practically being squished to death we fell out of the air and were down at the ground in an instant. Me and all my friends landed on a leaf in the trees. We were down there for a little while, and I was about to get into a really nice conversation with the leaf but then, right away we started to go up into the sky again. Oh I know this one, I know this one! Oh yes, that’s it; TRANSPIRATION. Like last time, we started to get really cold and turn solid again. (Oh, I forgot to mention that we turned back into water drops again when we fell down onto the leaf.) And we did the whole condensation thing again. But instead we kept floating sideways and then fell down onto a hill and plunged for the bottom. Then we sunk straight into the ground and just sat uncomfortably in a squeezed spot right in between the rocks and the dirt. This is called GROUNDWATER STORAGE. We waited and waited and WAITED for such a long time I thought I would be a skeleton when I got up. (Well I guess that’s not really possible if I’m a water drop.) Then finally, we rose up from the soil and went straight back into the ocean. And I was in the exact same place I had started.


  11. Posted by ec15 on February 16, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    One day I was sun bathing on the top of an ocean when I started getting very hot. I was looking for a place to get off the surface of the water but the Pacific Ocean is so crowded! I couldn’t make my way down below the surface, so I decided to go through the water cycle.

    I was hoping for rain but I got the opposite. The sun stayed out. I started to feel like I was floating. I looked down and I saw that I was floating! Then I noticed I was invisible. But after about 10 minutes I was completely visible in cloud form with all of my friends. Slowly more raindrops started floating up in front of me. I started to notice it was getting dark in the cloud and I started to feel heavier. The next thing I knew I was falling out of the sky toward a pond. I plopped into the pond. It was less crowded here than the Pacific Ocean so I got down below the surface of the water easily but it felt like I was being absorbed. Soon I was in the ground. This is called groundwater storage. Anyway I stayed there for a while.

    After a couple of days, I traveled up a long stem. I was in a plant! I eventually slipped out and onto a leaf. I looked over the side and I was about 1 foot off the ground. I lay there sun bathing, thinking transpiration is hard. Then I thought how hard the water cycle is. Evaporating, condensing, precipitating, groundwater storage, and then transpiration. Just then I looked down and I was floating again!


  12. Posted by EC22 on February 16, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    It all started when I was a little dropling. I went to school my teacherMrs. Evaporation kept talking to us about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, groundwater storage and transpiration. Then came the day my parents were not waiting for the day I would leave them and do my job as a rain drop. My mom cried so much that she filled the cloud with water and both my mom and dad fell to the ground with a splash. I jumped on the bus like I would normally do Mrs. Evaporation Came over and said evaporation mean coming from the grind into the sky, Condensation means create a cloud and precipitation means to fall from the sky which we will be doing in a few seconds. Then just like Mrs. Evaporation told me we were going to Jump a huge part of the bus came off Mrs. Evaporation Told me to jump out I fell Out of the bus it felt good until I fell to the ground. I fell into a deep sleep then next thing you know I am half way into the sky I am scared of heights. Then I joined up with a couple of friends and we made a cloud.


  13. Posted by ec17 on February 17, 2011 at 1:06 am

    Splish! Splash! I am a tiny water drop and that is the sound we water drops make when I, along with many others, crash into rocks in the river. I am at the surface of the river and I am on the top of the pile of water drops. What is going to happen to me next? Am I going to stay in the river forever? All I know is that water drops keep disappearing on warm days and that is why I am now on the top. So I just decided to wait and find out what will happen to me next.
    The next day, as soon as the sun emerged from behind the clouds, I felt the molecules inside me dash around at lightning speed. I felt myself start to thin and then rise into the clouds. This must be that um… evapory… um… no wha- “evaporation,” a water drop cuts me off as she corrects me. “We learned about it in water drop school,” she bragged. I realized that we were now water vapor! As I evaporated I noticed many other water drops rising too. Water vapor was coming from every direction! Some were even coming from plants! I remembered someone telling me that when water evaporates from plants it is called “transpiration”.
    When I and the others reached a cloud, we soon cooled off. We turned back into liquid water and that’s called “condensation”.
    We suddenly combined with each other to create bigger water drops and fell from the sky. I soon remembered what that is. It’s “precipitation!” But when I landed it wasn’t in the narrow river that I was in before. This time I landed on the soil. I soaked into the dirt and became part of the “underground water storage” and I was finally pumped back up. The man who pumped me up poured me into a metal bowl. A large brown creature walked up to me and my many friends. We soon overheard the man calling it a dog. A pink tongue lapped us up and we realized that the dog’s digestive system is disgusting! But luckily the dog urinated and we were free to evaporate again.


  14. Posted by EC2 on February 17, 2011 at 1:21 am

    Hi, my name is Drippy and here’s the story of the most scary, exciting and dangerous part of my life.
    “Eeek we’re evaporating”, shouted everyone as we were rising up off the ground. Then we all started to shiver and I heard shouts “we’re condensing”. All of my family and friends were running toward the hatch to go out into the world again. My big brother and I got pushed along with the crowd, then I heard the roar I knew from stories that these were giant birds that tear up clouds. Then we started to fall, at first it was really creepy but then I watched older droplets ride on the drifts of wind and enjoying being precipitated. Suddenly everything went dark.
    When I woke up a couple of feet nearly stepped on me but otherwise no one else was there. I felt myself being sucked into the ground and when I took a close look at my surroundings I realized with horror that a plant was right next to me then I found myself in the plant. After all of that I was pretty tired and I bet you would be too.
    When I woke up I was rising into the air from the top of the plant, I remembered from my science class (barely)that this was called transpiration. Several hours later I found myself precipitating again but this time I found myself dropping immediately into the ground and into what I remembered as ground water storage. I groaned inwardly because I thought that I would stay there for a while and it was relatively quiet because there weren’t a lot of other drops. But much to my surprise, I zipped through the tunnel and out into the world again into a salty bath, I would rather be here in the ocean than in that deep dark tunnel under the ground.


  15. Posted by ec7 on February 17, 2011 at 2:01 am

    Hello, my name is Splat and I am a water droplet. I can tell you some things about the water cycle because I have been apart of it for thousands of years and you are a part of it too. I think that I was dinosaur spit one time but I can’s remember. Anyway, I have a story to tell you.
    It was a hot and humid day and at the time, I was a droplet of sweat on somebody’s shoulder. Suddenly, I felt myself turning into a gas of water vapor. Once again, I was evaporating. This is one part of the water cycle, this part is called evaporation, another way of evaporating is called transpiration, that is when plants almost sweat and the water gets evaporated. Evaporation is when droplets of water like I was turn into a gas or water vapor.
    After being water vapor for a while, I turned to a cloud. All of us little droplets condensed and turned back into a liquid. This part of the water cycle is called condensation. This is one of my favorite parts because I like being light and free.
    Next stop, free falling! After being a cloud for a while, the party got to big and we had to turn into precipitation. What will it be this time? Rain, hail, sleet, or snow? We’ll soon find out! Here I go, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am a raindrop! Yea! Now, I will become a part of a bigger community. A bigger community could be a lake or stream an ocean or maybe even in the groundwater storage which is a journey under ground but the only problem is that you may never see the sky again for a few thousand years. As I fall down, I think of where ever I am going to land. Will be a lake or a stream the ocean or the groundwater storage?
    Down, down, down, and down I fall. Finally, I reach a plant that had just sprouted out of the ground. Now, the story will end, but I will always be right here in the water cycle.


  16. Posted by ec7 on February 17, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Hello, my name is Splat and I am a water droplet. I can tell you some things about the water cycle because I have been a part of it for thousands of years and you are a part of it too. I think that I was dinosaur spit one time but I can’t remember. Anyway, I have a story to tell you.
    It was a hot and humid day and at the time, I was a droplet of sweat on somebody’s shoulder. Suddenly, I felt myself turning into a gas of water vapor. Once again, I was evaporating. This is one part of the water cycle, this part is called evaporation, another way of evaporating is called transpiration, that is when plants almost sweat and the water gets evaporated. Evaporation is when droplets of water like I was turn into a gas or water vapor.
    After being water vapor for a while, I turned to a cloud. All of us little droplets condensed and turned back into a liquid. This part of the water cycle is called condensation. This is one of my favorite parts because I like being light and free.
    Next stop, free falling! After being a cloud for a while, the party got to big and we had to turn into precipitation. What will it be this time? Rain, hail, sleet, or snow? We’ll soon find out! Here I go, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am a raindrop! Yea! Now, I will become a part of a bigger community. A bigger community could be a lake or stream an ocean or maybe even in the groundwater storage which is a journey under ground but the only problem is that you may never see the sky again for a few thousand years. As I fall down, I think of where ever I am going to land. Will be a lake or a stream the ocean or the groundwater storage?
    Down, down, down, and down I fall. Finally, I reach a plant that had just sprouted out of the ground. Now, the story will end, but I will always be right here in the water cycle.


  17. Posted by ec19 on February 17, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Hi my name is Jimmy and I’m a water drop. As a water drop I have a very interesting life. As a baby I lived in an ocean. After about 2 years I got really hot. I started to become invisible. I heard about this before. I was evaporating! Some of the elders have told stories about it. I had turned completely invisible! I started floating up. I was going higher and higher. I started to think I would float into space. I started to get cold. Now I was starting to condensate! I had heard about this too. I got really cold. I started to turn into a visible thing. Well sort of. I was getting all puffy and white and stopped floating up. I waited a long time. I started turning gray. I think it could be a bad sign. I started to fall asleep. Then I woke up to the screams of raindrops. “What the heck. Why are you guys screaming?” I said. “Were going to die.” One of them cried. “Why?” Then I found out. I started to fall. Could this be? Precipitation!

    I’ve heard of this before but was a sad topic because many souls have been lost. I started to fall out of the cloud. “Ahhhhhhhh.” I screamed. “Help, help anyone got a parachute.” I screamed. One of them said, “I do.” “Give it here” I yelled. “No way” he answered. I got really mad. I decided to steal it from him. I swooped down and took the parachute. “Hey.” He yelled. I didn’t care. I opened the parachute. It didn’t work! I thought for a second. “Well at least I have no bones to brake.” I was approaching the ground. I was hitting a nice soft leaf, while the mean selfish guy was hitting the ground. Serves him right. Well at least I won’t have to see him again because he will be ground water storage.

    I was approaching a soft leaf. Where then I will go into the plant. Then be turned into water vapor again and so on. When I’m in a plant and this happens this is called transpiration. But things didn’t turn out that way. I guess the leaf couldn’t support my weight. I went off the leaf and started falling again. Well until I hit a nice hard rock. The rock was shaped like a bowl so I was trapped. The only way to escaped was to go through the water cycle again. Oh well I’ll be here a while and will have to call this place home. Well actually a temporary home.


  18. Posted by ec17 on February 17, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Hi, my name is tiny, and I will guide you through the water cycle. First of all I have been through the water cycle many, many times. My favorite part of the water cycle is evaporating. Evaporating is when water turns into gas or water vapor. My second favorite thing is to become myself again and fall from the sky. This is also known as rain or precipitation. Precipitation can also be snow, hail, rain, and freezing rain. And finally condensation my least favorite part of the water cycle. Condensation is when the water drops form a cloud and when a lot of water drops are in the cloud it precipitates.
    Thank you for your time going through the water cycle


  19. Posted by ec13 on February 17, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    It all started in a fountain in Paris. I enjoyed my time watching people stroll along. I would be shot out of a fish then fall to the bottom of the fountain. (That was the best part.) I had millions of friends just like me, water droplets.

    It was a hot day. Suddenly I found myself disappearing. First my toes, then my arms, then my legs, then my head vanished. I was turning into tiny little particles. Then I found myself floating upwards. Help! I cried, but no one heard me as I floated away.

    Then my body started to reform. First my head to my chest, then my arms came back on, and finally my legs. All around me drops were gathering and I was getting colder. The ground beneath was gone all of a sudden, and I was going down down down. We like a hundred thousand paratroupers falling to earth. I even saw a few drops from my fountain in Paris. Suddenly I felt myself dissapearing again.

    A strong breeze hit me and pushed me and millions of water drops to a strange white land. I felt myself falling again, down down down. I hit the ground as a painful plop. I could not move, I was turning white.

    10,000 years later:
    I was stuck here. I have run out of games and even things to say. Suddenly a whirring sound filled the air. Everyone looked up. Laser beams filled the air. A laser beam missed its target and hit me. I melted, then dissappeared again. I’m free I yelled as I floated away.


  20. Hello, my name is Droppy Jr.,
    and this is a story that I wrote…
    It was a peaceful Spring day, and all the droplets in Drop Citi were sleeping peacefully in Drop Citi. Until, there was a huge THUMP! And then it happened… We were all falling through the the other cities of droplets. When we were getting closer, and closer, and closer to the ground, I was about to hit the ground, but then a gust of wind flew through the air, and blew me onto a little leaf. That was a very big moment, so I decided to take a nice long nap. The next day, I looked every where for my colony of droplets, but all I saw were a bunch of trees, and a bunch of nature. But I was determained to find them, I wasn’t going to give up. So on and on I went… Until, I saw an odd shaped type thing. Then I found something, it was made of metal, it had a hose, and it had a huge curtain. But I didn’t see much of it though. So I went up the window, to take a closer look. I saw all my brothers, and sisters in that hose, and coming out! I just HAD to save them! But then something strange happened, something sucked me right onto a glass shiny type thing, my brother once told me that it’s called a mirror.And when you get sucked onto a flat surface, and you’re in the air, that is called, condensation. So NOW, I had to wait ANOTHER day. So yet again I tried to save them, but when the water stopped, something sucked me right back up.That is called evaporation. It is strange because I never understand these things. And then, well, you guessed it, I had to wait ANOTHER day! The next day, I tried to save them, but then, when I opened the window, I turned into this fluffy white type thing, oh, yeah! My sister once told me that it was called snow.


  21. I’m sorry, I didn’t have room, so now I’m just going to keep going where I left off.


  22. Then for the past week now, I’ve been turning into a bunch of things, such as, snow, sleet, hail, and rain. Then the week after that, I was beginning to go under ground for a long time. That is called ground storage. Then one day I was sitting on a leaf thinking to myself, ” It’s no use, I’m never going to see or save my family, so I’m going to give up. So what I’ve been through this month I guess is called- but then suddenly, I slipped of. This is called the WWAATTEERR CYCLE!


  23. Posted by ec1 on March 3, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    My name is Drop short for Water Drop and I have to go through the water cycle over and over again so it gets kind of boring but since I remembered everything about the water cycle I can tell you what happens.

    First is evaporation I have to get evaporated by the sun and turn into gas.

    Next is condensation I am gas right now and then I turn into a cloud and I get to see all of my friends because the cloud is full of water.

    Next is precipitation the cloud I am in gets so full of water it has to let it all out so the cloud gets rid of us water droplets spitting us back down creating rain I was just glad it was not cold today because I hate being snow, hail because when I am snow it takes a long time to fall back down and another reason I am glad it is not cold out is because I hate even more being hail because just when you think you are going to hit the ground it shoots right back up again over and over again it gets really annoying if you need to do something.

    Last I turn into ground water after it rains I turn into a puddle with some other water droplets then we all seep into the ground.

    so thats my life as a water drop.


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