Cloud Catchers

Take a look outside — what’s the sky look like today?  Clouds can help us predict what type of weather we will be experiencing.  On a hot summer day, you might to start to see big puffy clouds extending high up into the sky.  If you see those, you might need to keep an eye on the sky as they are cumulonimbus clouds, that often mean a thunderstorm is developing.   Or maybe, you see wispy looking clouds, like the swish of a paint brush high in the sky.   These cirrus clouds usually indicate nice weather.

For this blog post, you are to dig deeper into what are clouds. how are clouds grouped according to heights that they are found at and special types of clouds.  Use the following websites to do some exploring. (these are also posted on our Curriculum Links page)

Weather Wiz for Kids

Web Weather for Kids (some cool cloud games here)

After you have explored these sites, you are to select five of the 14 different types of clouds listed on the Weather Wiz site and write a fantasy story about your trip to the clouds.  Make sure you use great descriptive words (adjectives and power verbs) to describe what you see at each stop.  You need to make sure you use the name of the cloud, at what height it is found,  a description of the cloud and what type of weather that it indicates.  Please check your spelling, grammar, capitialization and punctuation.  Coach is looking for great writers and editors in this piece!

This post is due on Thursday.


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  1. Posted by EC-4 on March 7, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    One night I went to bed at the usual time, but had an interesting and somewhat bizarre dream. I was in a hot air balloon when the balloon randomly shrunk and flew into my shirt. The balloon was deflating inside my shirt and pushing me high into the air. Soon the balloon ran out of air and I suddenly began to fall, but luckily I bounced off a Cumulonimbus cloud which was about 10,000 feet above the ground. It was dark and puffy, with high winds that made me shiver. A lightning bolt shocked me and I flew to Brazil and landed on an Altocumulus cloud. I could barely see the rain forest through the gray pom-pom like mass. I was about 9,200 feet and one inch in the air and I could feel the rain coming (it was the rain forest after all). A huge parrot (who was extremely lost and confused) flew by my cloud and bit my pocket. It chucked me 20,000 feet into the air where I landed on a Cirrus cloud. Its wispy streamers whipped me to Uruguay before the weather could change. A jet plane flew out of the airport, caught the back of my shirt and flew me to Argentina. Trailing behind the plane were Contrails, looking like white popcorn kernels. I fell off the plane and passed a Stratus cloud at about 5,000 feet in the air. When I looked up at its dark gray body, it started raining on me. I was soaked and exhausted when I fell into my bed and woke up.


  2. Posted by EC12 on March 8, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Hi. My name is Ana. One day I looked outside my window to find a cloud looking at me. Do clouds have faces? Yes, they do. I opened my window to let the cloud inside. He/she was white and wispy, and five feet around him/her in every direction looked sunny, even though it was a particularly dark and rainy day.
    “Hello,” the cloud said. “I am a Cirrus cloud. I want to show you my friends.”
    I said, “Okay,” and the Cirrus cloud lifted me off my feet and took me into the sky.
    Seconds later, we came across some Altocumulus clouds. They were all together, and seemed to be talking about something.
    “Oh!” they said as one. “We’ve been waiting for you!” I smiled and waved. They waved back (Yes, clouds can wave.)
    Then my guide (the Cirrus cloud) flew me off to another spot. “These clouds can be easily angered,” he warned me, “so be very polite.” (Yes, I did eventually find out that the Cirrus cloud was a male.) We saw ahead of us some dark clouds that looked as dark as the night.
    “Hi,” a grumpy looking cloud said gruffly. “I’m a Cumulonimbus cloud. We produce heavy rain, snow, hail, lightning, and tornadoes. Be gone with you.”
    We quickly flew away. Next my guide took me to a beach. Fog swarmed all around, making everything hard to see.
    “These folks can talk up a storm – although not literally. You don’t want to talk to a certain one too much, he or she will become attached to you,” he said. Bearing that in mind, I went over to one.
    “Oh, nice to see you! I am Chatty Fog. ‘Chatty’ because I’m so chatty, and ‘Fog’ because, well, that’s the type of cloud I am. All of us have ‘Fog’ at the end of our name. See, over there, that is Grumpy Fog, and there is my Mom, Pretty Fog, and my Dad, Handsome Fog, and over there are my siblings, Brave Fog, Strong Fog, Tiny Fog, and Large Fog,” Chatty Fog said in a rush.
    Remembering the Cirrus’s warning, I quickly rushed away. (That might’ve been a little rude, but whatever.) Once again, the Cirrus cloud swept me away to Stratus Village. (I had never heard of Stratus Village until I went there. Up to this day I don’t know if it is a real place or not. I’ve Googled it, and nothing came up.)
    “These clouds are real old,” my guide told me. “That is why they are gray. There aren’t any babies, just old, ancient clouds.”
    I walked up to a very gray Stratus cloud. (I figured it was a Stratus cloud, because the village was called Stratus Village.) “Hello,” I said. “How are you doing?”
    “Oh, I am good,” the Stratus cloud said. “Thank you for talking to me. There hasn’t been many people to talk to for the last thousand years.”
    When it was finally time to go home, my Cirrus cloud (I had begun to call him that) told me that he would come again for me soon. “You can never know too much clouds,” he said. “See you soon!”
    And I climbed back in my window, shut it, and wrote down my adventure.


  3. Posted by ec10 on March 8, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    I slowly opened my eyes, but I was sleeping on something way too soft for a bed. But then I realized it wasn’t a bed, it was a cloud! But not any cloud, It was a mamatus. I saw my house but I couldn’t jump off because I was at least 6,000 feet high. Luckily I was on the side of the cloud so I looked over ,I saw a city.
    I didn’t even try to warn them. But I wanted to because mamatus clouds mean severe weather. I was too high and they would never hear me. I just sat down and went to sleep again.
    I think sometime past since I was on that mamatus cloud because I was on a thin sheet of white. I thought it was a cirrostratus cloud because all I cloud see was white for a few miles I didn‘t want to hang around there because these clouds form 12-24 hours before a snowstorm. I thought I could dig down and see something. So I started to dig. It took a few seconds and the cloud was 2 feet deep. So I easily got through. But it was definitely not a sight I expected because I was right over a few large buildings somewhere in Boston but I was even higher than 18000 feet, it was very hard to tell. So I just climbed back up and fell asleep again.
    This time when I woke up I was on a small little puff over a huge cornfield. It was a cumulus cloud. At least these clouds meant fair-weather. But there was nothing I could do because the puff was so small I couldn’t even walk 10 meters. Also because I was around 7000 feet high. So I flopped down but this time I didn’t go to bed because I hear that cumulus clouds can turn into cumulonimbus clouds. So I slumped down and waited.
    I dosed off waiting on the cumulus but luckily I was still on it. Well at least I think I was but it already had changed into a cumulonimbus cloud so I wasn’t sure. I looked over the side, I estimated I was around 9000 feet high. I didn’t dare to dig into the cloud because I would get soaked since cumulonimbus clouds mean heavy rain of hail. My main goal at the moment was to get off this cloud so I could just sleep and land on another cloud. I sat down and fell asleep.
    This time I woke up on a cloud that had way bigger puffs than the cumulus which means it was a stratocumulus cloud they mean that rain might occur. I raced to the edge of the cloud and looked down, I saw my house! This was my chance I had to jump, Besides I was only 6,000 feet in the air. I counted to three and jumped. When I reached 2,000 feet I felt dizzy and sleepily woke up in my room. “At least it was a dream”, I said and went back to sleep.


  4. Posted by EC2 on March 9, 2011 at 1:16 am

    “No”, I cried out. All of that water vapor suddenly clung to us wispy smoke from the campfires of Yosemite. At around 6,500 feet we got swallowed up by a Nimbostratus cloud. There was a steady pouring of rain from that dark gray wet cloud. Very carefully Bob and I, the water vapor, squeezed our way through the the cloud(we make it sound a lot easier than it is so don’t try it without adult supervision). Racing up we weaved expertly through the dull gray puffy Altocumulus cloud. We knew that afternoon there was going to be a thunder storm coming from about 18,000 feet up, so we decided to wait a bit longer before we stopped for a nice refreshing nap.
    “Eeek!”, Bob and I shouted as strong winds blew us to a puffy gray Altocumulus cloud at 10,000 feet with water pouring from it and a noisy light show too. The winds slowly decreased and we marveled at the cities below us. They were so tiny! Several hours later we reached a Altostratus cloud. Because the cloud looked like a sheet, we took a little nap. Knowing a storm would erupt within 12 to 24 hours, we tried not to sleep for too long, but our alarm clock didn’t work this high up (we were close to 18,000 feet) and we got caught in the storm.
    “Run”, Bob screamed with giant heavy snowflakes all over him. I ran or floated I should say. Way up high we went all the way to above 18,000 feet in the wispy white Cirrus cloud. Bob and I agreed that Bob was to stay there because a change of weather was coming and he could make his way back down. I, the adventurous smoke strand, wanted to keep on rising.


  5. Posted by ec19 on March 9, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Beep beep. Oh no the plane was crashing. I found a window and shattered the glass clear right out of it. Jumping out the window I had been saved by a cirrocumulus cloud. The cloud looked like the scales of a fish and I was lucky to be at 19,000 feet because I wouldn’t of found one below 18,000 feet. The cloud saved me but I was a little worried. I was in the sunny tropics and if you see this cloud in scaly cloud in the tropics it could just mean a hurricane is coming. Looking for another cloud to jump to I spotted a altocumulus cloud. The cloud was gray and puffy. When I jumped I didn’t realize I was jumping to 16,000 feet. Also getting closer and I discovered that the hurricane had started but usually these clouds mean thunderstorms in the afternoon. The high winds of the hurricane blew me towards the North away from the cloud. As I few I started going up back to 19,000 feet where I landed on a cirrostratus cloud. The cloud was very skinny and covered the entire sky. Because I was far North the cloud meant that snow would fall in about 12-24 hours. The cloud couldn’t support me and I fell again. A nimbostratus cloud caught me with its wet body. I had plumed to 6,500 feet! I decided to stay here a short while because these were rain weather clouds. When I decided to go home I hitched a ride on a stratocumulus cloud. The fluffy body makes rain fall down rarely. The cloud was at 2,000 feet. I jumped down on a nearby high hill and headed home. Remembering the days events I thought I had enough excitement and when I got home I fell right to sleep.


  6. Posted by ec 17 on March 9, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    One very cloudy day, I was flying in an airplane over the tall mountains when I accidentally banged my luggage into the window and broke the glass. By this I was very shocked and bent down to look at the beautiful mountains. As I knelt down I lost my grip and fell. I quickly landed on a special Lenticular Cloud, a wind cloud. It is caused from wind pattern by the mountain so I wasn’t surprised to see one in this area. I fell right through it and landed on a low, gray and puffy Stratocumulus cloud, a light rain cloud 6,500 feet from the ground. I bounced off of it and landed in Florida on top of an Alto Stratus Cloud, a storm cloud. Quickly realizing that I was 10,000 feet from the ground, I wanted to get down fast. I jumped to a nearby tree and climbed down but I fell 6,000 feet from the ground and landed on a Nimbostratus Cloud, a cloud that causes continuing rain or snow. I then learned that I was walking on the cloud and I saw the view of a nearby city. I wanted to tell the people there my interesting journey so I leaped as far as I could toward it. I didn’t realize a flock of migrating birds and the next thing I knew I was dangling in the air with my shirt caught in a bird’s beak. I smacked the bird so hard trying to free myself of it that I went flying in the opposite direction. I landed on a thin, wispy Cirrus Cloud, a cloud that by seeing you can usually predict pleasant weather and sun. It was 20,000 feet from the ground! This was clearly the highest I had been this whole trip, and since the cloud was so light I fell right through it. I was falling right out of the sky. I fell 19,996 feet. Luckily there was a big trampoline 4 feet from the ground and I landed on it. I know that you might think that this is a strange story but be aware that this may happen to you.


  7. Posted by ec 16 on March 9, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    One day I decided I should go and take a
    look around the world.

    Everybody calls me Cotton because I am fluffy and puffy
    like cotton and clouds and I am a rabbit so I am also as white as
    cotton. I can also change myself into any other animal.
    So I set off to find my friend “Stinky the Skunk”. I found Stinky
    looking around for some juicy berries.
    “Hi Stinky, I am off to see the world. Do you want to
    come?” I asked her joyfully.

    “Sorry,I have a lot to do.” She replied

    So I scampered over to “The Tree Of Sight” and started
    climbing it. If you get to the top of this tree you can
    see millions of miles. I reached the top and ah,what
    a beautiful sight. I turned myself into a sparrow and
    fluttered off. A few moments later I realized that I was
    being carried by an eagle. Quickly, I turned myself into
    a scaly snake and bit the eagle’s leg and with a jerk it
    lost it’s grip and I went floating down. Then I realized
    that I landed on a Cirrostratus cloud and could see
    everything below me. I better get off this, otherwise in 12-24 hours it’s

    going to rain or snow. Suddenly, the wind hooked me on and
    dropped me off at an open black field where I turned
    myself back into a rabbit and took a big leap and saw I
    was flying into the air. Then I realized that the black
    field wasn’t a field but a trampoline! Seconds later I
    was relaxing on a big, wispy couch known as a Cirrus
    cloud and it was 18ooo feet above the ground.Quickly, I changed myself into a

    mouse with a parachute and floated down. I was just about to land when a
    lightening bolt struck me. Luckily I was not injured.
    Later I noticed that it came from Cumulonimbus
    cloud. So I decided that if I was taking so many
    journeys to clouds I better take a look at this one. Swiftly, I
    flew off and landed on the cloud and started to
    investigate. This was a big, dark, angry cloud and it was flat on the top.

    That was all I could tell. I turned around and saw an
    airplane zooming by. I hopped onto it and then changed
    myself into a flying squirrel. The plane was about to
    land when I grabbed onto a Sratocumulus cloud. This one
    was 65oo feet off the ground and was low,puffy and gray. After taking a nice

    glance I wanted to take a rest on this cloud. And it wasn’t long before the
    wind took hold off me. I finally landed on a Mammatus
    cloud. It looked like it had balls sticking out off it and this could has bad

    weather associated with it.
    “NOW, I need to get home”, I say to myself.

    So I took off gliding back to “The Tree Of Sight”. When
    I finally got there I saw Stinky waiting for me.

    “Hi.” I said, exhausted.

    “You would never want to go to take a trip around the
    world.” I said.
    I jump into my burrow and snuggled into bed….


  8. Posted by EC8 on March 9, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    It was a typical day. I had done lots of things (that I see no need to explain) and was flying through the air and… wait a second, the flying part wasn’t so normal. Who cares anyway? I was soaring like a plane, and was reaching the 6,500 foot high layer of stratus clouds that dumped rain on me. I thought “what did I ever do to you?” but clouds don’t understand that sort of thing. I cruised through the next layer of puffy, white layer of altocumulus clouds that lasted for only about somewhere around 6,500 feet to 18,000 feet in (now) cold air, but it felt like forever. The wispy white cloud called cirrus clouds (A.K.A horse tails) now dominated the frigid air that was higher (and lower) than the bumbling cumulonimbus clouds drifting around from near the ground to 5,000 feet in the air. I asked one cumulonimbus cloud how to get home, but he was like the stratus cloud and dumped bucketloads of rain on me. I made a mental note — never go near any cumulonimbus clouds again! Crossing a high mountain range, I landed on some mammatus clouds that were around 6,000 feet high. This was awful. I knew mammatus clouds were associated with bad weather, and as if to answer me, it started to hail. I peered over the edge—and fell. Down,
    down I plummeted as hailstones whizzed by me. I was going to hit the ground when—I woke up with a jerk. “Wow, that was some adventure” I squeaked. And as I fell back asleep, I was still mumbling “I wish I could really fly.”


  9. Posted by ec1 on March 9, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    I stared out the plane window looking at all those clouds wondering what it would be like on a cloud suddenly the plane window dissapeared I fell right out and tumbled onto a cloud. Is this a cirrus cloud I think it is so I must be like 20,000 feet in the air I reached down to feel the cloud then it started pouring on me I hate cloud weather. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I got shocked by lightning and got threw to Portugal I think. Am I on a altocumulus cloud I think I am so I must about 15,000 feet high I felt the cloud you have got to be kidding me it started pouring on me whoooosshh I fell right through the cloud and smashed against an altostratus so now I’m about 14,000 feet high now. I now know not to reach down and touch the cloud because that’s gonna make it pour on me and I’ll fall right through the cloud so I just sat down to avoid the pain of falling. Oh no I just felt a raindrop I don’t want it to start pouring on me so I jumped off and kept falling and falling and falling until I saw a cloud I closed my eyes I didn’t want any water in them SSSMMMAAACCCKKK I can’t believe I haven’t broken a bone yet wow I fell a lot because I’m on a stratus cloud right now about 6,500 feet high and it’s really cold at least its not raining oh I really shouldn’t have said that because now its gonna start pouring and I’m right it started pouring. I spotted the plane it was approaching the cloud to my right I moved back a couple of steps then I ran the fastest I ‘ve ever ran and jumped the farthest I’ve ever jumped and made it to the stratocumulus cloud which is also 6,500 feet high I started sweating on this cloud here’s my chance to get back to the plane the wing was approaching then I ran but I missed the plane wing but I still jumped and got sucked into the engine which was very painful then landed right back into my seat and get this no one even noticed that I was gone. I’m starting think this was all a dream because I have no idea how I survived all that but I’m going with it being a dream because I’ve never heard of someone going on a cloud before.


  10. I was having a rather strange day when I flew up into the sky like Superman. All of a sudden I was right in the middle of a HUGE cumulonimbus cloud. It was the most severe weather I had ever seen. I stayed there for a little bit but then I dropped 6,000 feet right into a stratus cloud. It was like I was in a ghost land because it was so foggy. Suddenly, I leaped up 5,000 feet and floated on a altocumulus cloud. I looked down an endless row of clouds that all seemed the same. Out of nowhere the clouds shifted and turned right into a cumulus cloud. I had no idea how that had happened. Anyway, I decided to take a walk on the cloud. Each way I turned I saw a different country. China, India, Russia, Spain, Algeria, Argentina, Canada, and some many more. Then I started flying around and flew straight up and into a raining nimbostratus cloud. I got super-duper wet like I had just gone swimming. I flew all around under the nimbostratus getting even wetter. Finally, I dropped 6,500 feet and straight onto the ground. I landed right in front of my house. I dashed inside and went to bed.


  11. Posted by ec7 on March 10, 2011 at 12:41 am

    It was a particularly foggy day outside so I was looking for something sunny to do inside. I love to paint, maybe I could paint a picture of a sky with a high golden sun and happy clouds. I could paint a bird soaring free and high. This is going to be a fabulous day after all!
    I scram to get the paints and make a pallet and sketch out my vision. Then I got out the brushes and a blank white canvas, just waiting for a beautiful sky to come into view. I dipped my paintbrush into the baby blue and a weird thing happened, I slipped right into the canvas.
    I took the brush with me as I flew across the big white sky as I painted it with the baby blue that was on the bristles of my brush. After I filled the whole sky with baby blue, the paint on my brush turned white and I whisked across the sky leaving 18,000 feet high cirrus clouds.
    Then another weird thing happened, the beautiful blue sky that I had painted started turning gray and my cirrus clouds started to look more like, puffy, cotton ball cumulonimbus clouds! Then they got bigger and bigger and blacker and blacker and finally they became 6,500 feet high stratus clouds or nimbostratus clouds! I flew up over the them but that was where the canvas ended so I had to sit on top of the big black cloud that was about to precipitate. I sat on top of the cloud with the paintbrush in my hand. I was about to paint the sky blue again but it was too late, it started to rain and the sky was washing away!
    But I couldn’t get too sad because that only meant that I had a whole new sky to paint. So I went back to that nasty old foggy day and dipped my brush into the baby blue paint and started to paint a brand new sky.


  12. Posted by EC5 on March 10, 2011 at 2:08 am

    Hi, my name is Anne and I have a pet bird named Cirrus. One day I had a journey through the clouds and I would like to share that journey with you.

    I mount my bird and we leave the ground soaring through the air. Our first stop is the Cumulus clouds (at about 1,000m high). I gracefully depart my bird to lay on the puffy cloud with the sun shining down upon me, and I start to fall asleep when I realize you didn’t come on this trip to watch me sleep, so I hop back on Cirrus and we set off quickly to the Cirrus clouds.

    We travel high into the air at lightning speed. Soon, we reach a wispy Cirrus cloud and with the sun so bright it looks whiter than ever (at a frightening height of 18,000ft) which looks like a fragile strand of silk. Knowing what Cirrus must be thinking about this cloud and how she was named after it, I pause for a moment, letting her get a good look at it, then we fly plummeting down to the lower clouds.

    Once in lower altitude, I become aware of a rumbling sound. I whip my head around and looming over me is a big Cumulonimbus cloud. I should have known this as I was entering the 6,500 feet altitude area. The cloud gave a tremendous roar and with that dropped buckets of rain and hurtled lighting bolts to boot. Cirrus was going nuts trying to dodge the lightning bolts. “Lets get out of here!” I shout at the top of my lungs. Thankfully, we zoom out of that horrible storm.

    I direct Cirrus toward a Nimbostratus cloud (at around 6,500 feet in the air). There we take a break, catch our breaths and celebrate our quick escape from death. There was now a faint mist floating around, following the past thunderstorm. I decide that we should see one last cloud, the Stratus cloud. It is not to far away as it is the same altitude as the Nimbostratus cloud.

    I jump on to the nearest Stratus cloud (enjoying the mist flowing through my hair) and fall straight through it like there was nothing there. Screaming for my life, I fall towards earth like a cannon ball, but before my nightmare could worsen, I awake with a shock and sit bolt-up-right in bed panting in a cold sweat realizing it was just a dream.


  13. Posted by ec14 on March 10, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Hello, I’m Francis I am going to tell you about my trip to the clouds. It was a dark night. I was wondering what type of clouds there were. I chose 5 I wanted to learn most about. Those 5 clouds are cirrostratus, stratocumulus, nimbostratus, cirrocumulus, and altocumulus. The next day I set off with my bag. Waving down a cab I glanced to the side and I saw a mountain that seemed perfect to climb. “Get me to the cloud mountain please” I told the cab driver. Instantly I was there at the bottom of the mountain. I started to climb the mountain and when I got to the top I stepped onto a cloud. Surprisingly, the cloud was holding me because it was so flat and thin. This cloud was called cirrostratus. This cloud took me 5,000 feet higher. Luckily I had a parachute because I fell through the cloud. I was about 900 feet away from touching earth when stratocumulus clouds started to form around me. I landed on one. It was puffy and gray without rain. The cloud was getting darker and darker. It was going to rain. I leaped onto an altocumulus cloud got away just in time right before a rain storm. I was sinking into the altocumulus cloud, my feet were getting soaked. When I was almost at my waist in the altocumulus cloud I grabbed onto a passing by cirrocumulus cloud and it pulled me up. I was zooming on the cirrocumulus cloud when we hit a nimbostratus cloud. Bang! Zap! I was in a thunder and lightning storm when I woke up underneath a tree.


  14. Posted by EC22 on March 10, 2011 at 11:24 am

    I thought it would be a normal night but it was not. As soon as my mom left the cold empty room a big balloon was outside of my house. Pulling, on my robe I waddled to the window, tied on to the balloon was a note that said Tie on to your wrist and it will fly.” Fly me where” I whispered. Okay I quickly and quietly got on my rain boots and my coat, I quietly walked up the stairs and entered my vast room I opened my window just enough to squeeze through. Quickly, I grabbed the balloon and tied it to my wrist. Up, up and away I went floating high above buildings. Then we stopped I watched the roads thy looked like twigs. I was about 18,000 feet high at the max. Then we where off the balloon zoomed of like a lightning bolt. All of a sudden we were in front of a blue and gray door that had a plaque on it that said Altostratus hopped into the door. Inside was a blue and gray sky looking up I saw a big bulging rain drop. Splash! Went all the rain drops splashing on my head like water balloons I squatted to the door pulled it open yanked on the balloon and away we went. Higher and higher we went until we stopped. I would say that we were higher than 18,000 feet that was for sure. On the door in front was a plaque that said Cirrostratus. I barged in looking around and covering my head looking up I could see that there were no rain falling down instead of rain I saw light wispy clouds. Slowly, I opened the door and tugged on the balloon. The next stop was not so high I was at least 6, 5000 feet high. I did not even check what the plaque said I had a good feeling and when I have a good feeling I am usually right. As soon as I opened the door a big lightning bolt hit me I opened the door and checked the plaque it said Cumulonimbus I hoped on the balloon come on I yelled nothing to see here. Quietly , we floated up to the next door the plaque said Cirrus we where about higher than 18,000 it was pretty high so I closed my eyes I felt the door and tugged it open as soon as I opened the door my eyes opened I stared above at the arrays of party steamers above. Wow! It is so beautiful. I cracked the door and tugged on the balloon. “Last stop” I said let’s do it. We were very close to the ground I checked the plaque it said Fog slowly I walked in and a thick blanket covered me I raised my head and noticed that it was morning and I was in bed. I told myself to grab on to a balloon.


  15. Posted by ec13 on March 10, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    On a hot summer day when the sun beat down on us I suddenly felt a sharp tug to my left. I was whisked into the air by a white cloud that stopped at 50,000 feet at a dark Cumulonimbus cloud. I landed on the doorstep of Thunder Incorporated. I walked inside and saw hundreds of little cloud gnomes laboring over a conveyor belt that had bolts of yellow electricity springing from the sides. The cloud gnomes emptied them into a storage bin suddenly an alarm when of then all of the gnomes ran out of the building in fear.
    “What’s going on?” I asked, as a swarm of gnomes ran past me.
    A large chubby cloud gnome with a forked beard said “the alto stratigans are coming!” then he ran down a dark street into a building and shut the door.
    Over the loudspeaker a voice boomed “Man your positions”. A swarm of cloud Gnomes ran every which way. Each gnome had a bow and a quiver of lightning arrows and a thunder sword. Suddenly the crowd began to part to reveal four gnomes dressed like Robin Hood.
    “What do you want?” I inquired in fear.
    One of them pulled out his bow and shot a lightening arrow at me. I dashed down a side street, and fell down a manhole through the sky past wispy cirrus clouds, at 40,000 feet. I kept falling through the sky to the altostratus clouds at 20,000 feet. I landed on a puffy gray street. I looked everywhere but could not see a soul. Suddenly rain and lightning filled the air the raid had begun. I tripped on a stone fell off the cloud. I fell past a puffy Stratus cloud at 5,000 feet then landed on my now foggy street, glad to be home.


  16. Posted by ec15 on March 10, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Little Bobby. Little Bobby was fascinated by clouds and wanted to explore them someday. But what he didn’t know was that the day he was going to explore the clouds was the next day!

    The next day Little Bobby woke up and it was a dream come true. He was in the clouds! Little Bobby had done some research on clouds since they were his favorite subjects. He guessed the cloud he was sitting on was an altostratus cloud because it covered most of the sky and he saw a storm in the distance yet he saw cirrus clouds above him.

    He had always wondered if altostratus clouds were bouncy so Little Bobby started bouncing but he fell through the cloud onto a cumulus cloud. He knew that cumulus clouds were a low cloud at about 6,000 feet above the ground and are called fair-weather clouds. He also knew that they were bouncy and puffy. Little Bobby jumped up and down and up and down. When he stopped jumping Little Bobby had reached all the way up to the highest point of a cumulonimbus cloud at 50,000 feet. He stayed there for a bit but he decided that he was getting shocked from the lightning too much and too wet from the rain that was falling from below so he jumped onto a nearby cirrus cloud.

    He had a lot of fun riding on the cirrus cloud because it was so high and indicated good weather and was wispy. They were above 18,000 feet and he was on the wispiest one. He also found it interesting to be so high and to be able to look down on everything below him.

    Eventually Little Bobby started to miss his family. Just as he was thinking that thought, the cloud he was sitting on disappeared and Little Bobby fell and fell until he was right back in his room lying under his covers with his big fluffy cover and his thin blanket on top of it. When he looked at his covers, they reminded him of something. He thought and thought but he still couldn’t say what the puffy cover and wispy blanket reminded him of. Then he got it. it was the clouds!


  17. It was a warm spring day; I was riding my bike on the new black pavement. I was having a lot of fun riding until the wind blew. It started blowing hard, so I decided to go home. Suddenly, the wind blew even harder, it blew me straight up into the air, through the sky, and up into the clouds. Then I landed onto a cloud. It felt so puffy. I felt like I was on a piece of cotton. I was on a Cumulus Cloud. The cloud I was on was on, grow upward, they can develop into giant Cumulimbus clouds, which are thunderstorm clouds. The cloud was as white as snow; the cloud was so puffy it felt like cotton. The base was nice and flat to sit on, and jump on. The top was big and round. Then I traveled from cloud to cloud. Then I started to get really hot. I looked down below me, then I saw the most beautiful thing in the world, it was Mexico! The cloud I landed on was Contrail Clouds. They were white and fluffy. The cloud was condensation trails left behind from jet crafts. Contrails form when hot humid air from jet crafts exhaust mixes with enviormental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. I’m guessing that type of cloud I landed on was there because planes were coming from and to Mexico, because a lot of people take vacations there. That was a special cloud I was on, I’ll never forget that cloud. So, on I went traveling the clouds, then, all of a sudden, I fell so far down, and so fast that I felt that my mouth would come off! When I was trying to explore where I was, I felt something cold touch my toe, it was water! It was REALLY hard to explore the things I was trying to see, but, it was hard to see. All I could see was plain gray fog. That just ruined it for me. Fog is a cloud on the ground. The cloud contains many tiny water droplets. The cloud was really close to the water. It was really gray too. Now that was a boring experience! So I jumped up back to the fun clouds where I belong. Right when I jumped up there, the first thing I could see was the Altostratus Cloud. It was beautiful! It was grey and blue; they had ice crystals within them, along with the water droplets. That was a really pretty cloud. I also figured out that I was 6,500 feet up off the ground! The Altostratus clouds form ahead of storms with continuous rain or snow. I call these Precipitation Clouds. I decided to be on my way to the last cloud of the day, because it was getting pretty late. I was off to the Cirrus Cloud. I was 18,000 feet up in the air! By watching the movement of the clouds, you can tell from which direction the weather is approaching. I was horrified! I thought I should hurry up because I didn’t want to be too, too scared of heights. The cloud was very high, they had ice within them, the clouds were thin, when the clouds get blown by strong winds, and the clouds become long streamers. The cloud is usually always white, and it is usually predict with great weather. I can’t wait to tell my mom what happened to me today! Not that she’d believe me or anything, but it is her loss if she doesn’t believe me. Man, Mrs. Erickson is going to be so proud of me when she hears that I had that experience! I hope that she is going to believe me!


  18. Posted by EC18 on March 11, 2011 at 12:34 am

    One day I woke up on a cloud and noticed it was a cirrostatus cloud because it covered almost the whole sky. Suddenly, I fell through the sheet like clouds and thumped down onto an altostratus cloud which meant there might be some rain coming. Out of nowhere, a dancing taco with legs appeared with a wand and poked me with it. Then I disappeared and reappeared on a gray puffy mass. I then knew that this was an altocumulus cloud. Then a unicorn with wings exclaimed, “go go stratus!”. With that, he flew away. About five minutes later, I blinked and landed on a grayish cloud. I must have been on some fog that did not get to the ground yet. A short while later, a giant bunny with purple eyes and purple fur shouted, “gimme back my filet of fish!”. Startled, I fell backward and landed on some fog. I then floated back down to land and was greeted by an orangutan eating a large kiwi.


  19. Posted by EC21 on March 11, 2011 at 1:17 am

    I was just taking a walk on the pavement when I started to float (I really can’t float.)I was floating for a while and I went through an Altostratus cloud the crystals hurt. When I got on top of the Altostratus cloud the ice crystal poked my butt so it really hurt so I stood up.the Altostratus cloud looked like it wouldrain any second. I looked down and screamed because I was between 2000 and 7000 m off the ground. I was so scared that I almost got a heart attack. I stared down and I accidently fell another 6000 m. I screamed while I fell. I fell on a Cirrocumulus cloud I saw all of my classmates. I waved to them and yelled hello. I saw a plane coming straight at me. I screamed. The pilot did not notice me and I got hooked to the point and it made me go up. I fell on top of a Cirrostratus cloud it felt good. But one little problem I was going through the Cirrostratus cloud! I screamed but I landed on a Cumulonimbus cloud I had a bad feeling I went straight through the Cumulonimbus cloud and a thunder bolt struck me. I was burnt like over-cooked bacon but luckily I was just daydreaming in the middle of the cloud studying time. I was relieved that I was only daydreaming.


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