Bullying Counselors

You were asked to consult with the school in Shredderman about how to solve these problems.  Post what you suggest below.


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  1. Bubba:
    Talk to Bubba, tell teacher, have assembley about bullying, tell a group of friends, talk to Bubba, be nice to Bubba, talk to the teachers about Bubba with the pictures he took as proof or write down his problems with Bubba, ignore Bubba, stand up against Bubba himself.

    Nolan: Talk to Nolan about his posts on the website, and make a presentation about what Nolan did on the internet, called cyber-bullying, to teach Nolan a lesson about what he did, and so that other kids can learn about cyber-bullying.

    Bullying in general: Treat the bully with kindness, even though they are still being mean to you. Ignore the bully, and stay away from them.
    Usually when a bully is being mean to you, they are just being mean to you because they have such a horrible life, and they want to take it out on others.
    When bullies are being mean they are just doing it either to get attention, and to make themselves feel good about themsleves.
    Bullies usually bully other people because they either got bullied in the past, or they got the bullying from some other person, or some other people.
    I think that people should put bullying problems in a box, but serious problems, such as hitting in any way, and making fun of someone.

    Then they should make a graph about how many reports have been reported, each month, and a have an assembly about it.

    They should solve the problem by each person having a buddy at recess and at lunch so that if one of them gets bullied but doesn’t want to talk about it the other buddy can.


  2. Posted by ec10 on May 31, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Bubba ideas

    1. My first idea for Nolan to try out is to tell everyone to act SUPER nice to Bubba so Bubba will be feeling guilty to tease them and Nolan.
    2. My second idea for Nolan to try out is to hang out with his friend so that he will have someone on his side when he bully’s him. think that Nolan should make Shredderman.com have some good things like how to stand up to bullies and how to not be a bully. Ideas like to stand up to a bully you should gather a bunch of kids or when a bully teases you ask him not to don’t just do nothing. Also, he might want to ignore Bubba because if he does, Bubba might stop bullying him and the other victims of Bubba’s bad attitude. Another idea is for him to be nice to Bubba because no one bullies their friends
    3. Personally, I think Nolan should just keep his distance from Bubba. If Bubba tries to bully him, he can just ignore him.
    4. Nolan should stand up to Bubba by talking to him in person and not by using the internet. If he thinks this is dangerous because Bubba might punch him, he could ask a teacher to supervise their conversation.
    5. Nolan should also perhaps be nice to Bubba because sometimes people get nicer if they have an example.

    If Nolan and the others followed these ideas, Bubba would probably be nicer to everyone.

    Nolan ideas

    1.To deal with Nolan and his rein of cyber bullying Bubba should tell a adult about the website and show it to the adult.
    2. Another idea is for Bubba to write a comment on Shredderman.com that says that if Nolan makes the website nicer to Bubba (like deleting the links and jokes and pictures and comics and videos), Bubba will try his hardest to be nicer to Nolan and all the other kids who have become victims of Bubba’s rein of bullying.
    3. Another idea for Bubba to deal with Nolan is to personally ask him to not do the mean stuff about him on the internet.

    Bullying in General
    1. To stop bullying in general people should tell an adult about the predicament they are in.
    2. Another idea is to get a group of kids to stand up to the bully.
    3. To stop cyber bullying, they should tell an adult who is knowledgeable of the problem and show them the website or facebook page or whatever it is and hopefully, the adult will be able to help the problem.

    How to change a Bully

    Bullies aren’t born mean but become mean because of other mean people. If a bully is already mean to you you should gather a lot of kids to stand up to the bully so the bully might feel bad and become nicer. Also you should try to be his friend because when bullies think they have a friend they might become nicer.


  3. Posted by ec15 on May 31, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    These are some of our ideas to help with bullying problems:
    Be kind to the people who even aren’t nice to you
    Put together a meeting to talk about when you were bullied and how you can stop it
    Tell the superintendent
    Never post things on line about other people that are inappropriate
    Try to play with a bully and a group of people so that the bully can use you as a role model
    Try to stay with a group of people all the time so that when the bully try’s to bully you, you can stand up for yourself because if you are solo you may get hurt
    Tell the principal
    Make a positive reaction to the bully
    Avoid or ignore the bully
    Stand up for yourself as well as your friends
    Talk it out with the bully
    At lunch, eat at the same table as the bully
    Don’t do anything to the bully that you don’t want everybody to see
    Don’t be scared of the bully or at least don’t show it
    Make an anti-bullying club
    If someone does what Nolan did, posted things on line about him, they should be suspended from the computers until they make friends with the bully
    Maybe if you get bullied, you can use some of these suggestions.


  4. Posted by EC21 on May 31, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    They could make a group of kids that Bubba bullied to stand up for each other when one gets bullied. Another thing that they could do in the group is practice standing up for them self when they get bullied and not in the group. They could go to the principal to ask for special help to deal with Bubba and to get him to stop bullying.
    We think that should put some good things about Bubba and take down the Bubba’s big butt and Alvin and he Dumbmunks. And Nolan should take down the names. Then the website will be more better. And He should not tell that he is Shredderman.
    We think that a counselor that stays with Bubba that tells if he does something bad the counselor will tell Bubba what he did wrong and what he did right and if he didn’t do anything wrong he gets a prize at the end of the day because habits are learned doing something.


  5. Posted by EC22 on May 31, 2011 at 7:06 pm


    There is a counselor that talks to bullies and parents. He/she is in charge of making the bully stop. Security Cameras with multiple lenses will be setup indoors and outdoors. The bullies would meet with an older student once a week for an hour who would encourage them to stop being a bully and act as a role model.


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