This blog is Room 305B’s method to communicate with one another utilizing 21st Century Learning skills.  In this blog, students will have posts to respond.  They will learn how to respond to one another in a respectful manner and have a venue to ask each other questions about a particular topic.


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  1. Posted by Bryan Windmiller on November 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Wow! Mrs. Kablik just shared yoru Room 305B blog with me and it’s fantastic. What a wonderful way to learn and share all kinds of things. I was very impressed by the depth of thinking on some of the recent Blanding’s turtle posts. I would love to see some fo your answers to the question of “how to we get them off the Threatened species list?” And the “Analyze This” post was fantastic – looking for patterns in data in the way that you all are doing is exactly what is needed to make some sense of the inevitable confusing information that we get when we observe things in nature.

    One thing that I really enjoy about this project is that I always get to learn things – often from observations made by students and teachers. Recently, two of the Blanding’s turtle hatchlings at CCHS have had medical problems – one with a skin infection and another with a hernia ( a common thing with turtles). Hopefuly these guys will recover and I and all of us will learn more about keeping them well just as we did last year when we finally solved the mystery of 3 sick Blanding’s turtles at CCHS – it turns out that they were getting too much ultraviolet light from a poorly made bulb (the turtles NEED some ultraviolet light or they wind up with a soft shell and weak bone but too much UV irritates their eyes and skin jsut like a bad sunburn). We’d have never learned about this issue without the careful observations of the students.

    best wishes to all of you and many congratulations to Mrs. Erickson on the wonderful blog.



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