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Bubba Bixby: A Bully with a Capital B– Post One

This should be completed after you have read Chapters One, Two, and Three

Bubba Bixby from Google Images

Bubba Bixby is a Bully with a Capital B.  He lives to make kids’ lives miserable, especially Nolan.  Do you think that bullies are born mean or do they become mean over time?   And more important, can they ever change and how do you think that this will happen? 


Shredderman: Secret Identity

Over the next two weeks, you will be participating in an at-home reading project, reading the book Shredderman:

  Secret Identity.  By  TUESDAY MAY 31ST, you should be done reading the book in its entirety.  In addition, over the next two weeks, you will be responding to posts about this book.  As well as answering my questions, you will also be required to respond to two of your classmates’s answers as well.

You will be able to just post on this site.  However, you will still have to type it up before hand to check your work for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

When we are done with this book, we will be having more in-depth discussions in person, but make your on-line discussions thoughtful so we can use your thoughts as springboards for our class discussion.